Welcome to Friends of King County Animals

Friends of KCA was established in 1999 as a Washington state non-profit corporation.  Under Federal IRS regulations, Friends of KCA qualifies as a 501c3 nonprofit corp. and therefore donations may be tax deductible.

Friends of KCA was formed to promote the adoption of pets in King County, publicize the importance of spay/neuter, promote pet licensing/identifications, and support the needs of the animals.

Friends of KCA consists entirely of volunteers and is separate from the county shelter.  Friends of KCA volunteers dedicate their time and energy towards providing for the needs of animals that need extra care before they can be placed into adoption.

The mission of Friends of KCA is to work with other King County rescue groups to place homeless pets into permanent homes.  This is in part accomplished in the following ways:

  • Fund-raising:  Funds raised provide for special needs and provide payment for medical costs for the animals placed in rescues.  Provide assistance to rescue groups, for Veterinary costs, food and other needed supplies.
  • Promoting Pet Adoption:  Informational tables are set up at various events and locations throughout King County showcasing animals that are available for adoption.
  • Education Information:  Increasing the number of returns of lost pets to their owners through pet licensing and promoting the use of a microchip.